There are many doubts in the minds of many bloggers about what is Google Core Algorithm Update August 2022 . Although it is justified to have doubts in his mind because like every time, this time also Google has not fully disclosed about its new algorithm updates. Only a few things from him have received more attention.

This new core algorithm update of Google has been deployed in the month of August itself. It is true that they have started the update but this update has not been fully rolled out yet because it takes a few days for this type of major update to be fully implemented.

We all know this thing that almost every day Google brings some changes in its algorithm. The main purpose of this change is to make the search results even better. These improvements are often focused on some specific improvements. There are also some broad changes. And last week also Google has updated a broad core algorithm in its Mehjuda Algorithm.

According to him, he often keeps doing such broad updates every year. Also, due to Google not giving any information, there is a lot of discussion going on in WebmasterWorld’s forum and other forums regarding this update .

So without delay, let’s know what changes Google has brought about in this update, about which we bloggers should know. Let’s start and know what is this Google August Algorithm Update.

What is the New August Core Algorithm Update?

These new Google Algorithm Updates are nothing but normal google updates that Google does from time to time to bring changes in its Core Algorithm. With the arrival of these new updates, there is a lot of change in Google’s search results.

It becomes even easier for users to find the right answers to their queries. Like every time, this time also Google does not reveal much about its new algorithm updates.

But today in this article we will get some such information about these new updates, so that you will know the correct information about these updates. So do not forget to read the article completely for complete information because in the end I will tell you some such tips which will be helpful in increasing the traffic of your blog.

What is the official statement of Google?

In Google’s official statement, she has tried to tell about some important things, so let’s know about it:

1. Confirmation of this fact, he has updated his algorithm.
2. Secondly, this update is a major algorithm update.
3. Thirdly, in this new change, Google has done more work on its search result relevancy so that users can get the right answer to their search. 4. There are many other reasons behind the quality
of the sites which have shown a decrease in their ranking .

What new can be seen in the new Google Algorithm Update?

Google has confirmed that they have recently made a major algo update in their search results which they have just released in the month of August. Danny Sullivan , who belongs to Google, himself confirmed this via twitter after many SEOs noticed major fluctuations in rankings.

Along with this, he has also confirmed that this update is a major update like the rest of the update, which has been specially made for SERP’s only.

Now in these Google’s core algo updates , these updates are such that generally the site owner cannot do anything special regarding their ranking because there are no specific changes here that can be changed.

But in these core algo updates, some specific changes cannot be targeted, but instead we can increase the ranking of our site in these algo updates to a great extent by improving the quality of our content and page search.

In the month of March of this year, after rolling out one of its updates, Google said that specifically if any page of any blog is not able to rank or its ranking has decreased, then there is no mistake in that pages or blog. Because in that update Google was giving more importance to the under performing pages.

But due to this time’s update being more broad, Sullivan said that therefore he cannot tell anything specific about the update, and bloggers do not have to do anything other than their content quality.

At the same time, due to people not having the right idea about this update, they are not able to understand what to do if they do. And they are not aware of the true meaning of these broad changes which is making them more unstable. According to Sullivan, we bloggers should not do anything in our blog but should wait patiently till the update is fully functional.

Why shouldn’t you do anything immediately after the update?

If some new update comes, then many people hastily take such steps which later cause a lot of damage to them. Yes friends, we should not do anything in a hurry. Not so, but many experienced SEO experts say that never do anything immediately after the update.

Instead, you should gather more information about that new update, which will help you understand this new update later. Therefore, the best reaction is to wait till the new update is fully operational.

I am saying this because after virtually all major updates, correction is done regarding that thing, which Google calls refresh . As far as my experience is concerned, almost all major updates have their own drawbacks. And Google later uses new measures to reduce these shortcomings so that its algorithm can become better.

What you should do for this update:

  • If you saw a bad search result, then study it. Do a little research yourself about why that irrelevant web page has got a place at the top of the search result page.
  • If you see a drop in the rankings of your site, then wait. It has often been found that sometimes it takes 15 to 20 days for the update to complete completely . Therefore the search result which is visible today may also change tomorrow.
  • If the ranking of your site decreases, then definitely study the top performers. Even if the ranking of your site goes down, there is no need to worry. Instead of worrying, you should try to understand that why users are liking the site of those top performers more, why they find it more important. By thinking like this, you will understand that according to which the algorithm of this new update is working and what changes have come in it.

Always note that it is not your site’s fault. You have to study SERP’s and identify why Google thinks that a user prefers another site over your site. This will also give you the experience of your mistake, which you can also rectify later.


I sincerely hope that I have told you guys what is the new Google Algorithm Update? Gave complete information about and I hope you people have understood about what is New Google Algorithm Update August 2022 .

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