Patoranking premieres the video for “Black Girl Magic,” a track from his new album THREE.

The song is a pleasantly joyful track replete with guitars, slap bass, and cosmic synths coupled with feel-good lyrics that celebrate and promote black women’s beauty, power, tenacity, and complete awesomeness.

Black Girl Magic matches the mood of the highly creative visuals, which blends familiar samples alongside modern textures, recalling the feel-good vibes of the ’90s. Throughout the clip, an enthusiastic crew of black women enjoy getting their hair done, having a great time at the skating rink and a night out in the town, which features Patoranking performing with an all-black female band.

Black Girl Magic is a great example of Patoranking’s expansive range, as there’s no denying that every inch and detail is executed with great skill.

On Black Girl MagicPatoranking partnered with DARLING, a leading hair company known to promote African women’s beauty through fashionable, trendy, and high-quality extensions.

The women can be seen in the company’s products throughout the video while expressing their beauty and sheer awesomeness. To support the release, Patoranking hosted the video release premier for women in London.

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