Tyler Hynes Net Worth

Tyler Jeffrey Hynes, also known as Tyler Hynes, is a Canadian actor and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario. At the age of 8, he was part of the Musical Stage Production “A Christmas Carol”. He then went on to the Cross Canada Tour with The Who’s rock opera Tommy, where he played the role of Tommy the 10-year-old.

Name Tyler Hynes
Net Worth $10 Million
Gender Male
Date of birth May 6, 1986
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actor
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Last Updated 2022

Tyler Hynes Net Worth and Career

Hynes started his career as a child in a musical stage production called “A Christmas Carol”. He performed for 72 performances. On a cross-Canada tour, he played the role as Tommy, a young boy who plays Tommy in The Who’s rock opera Tommy. His first feature-length film, “Little Men”, starring Mariel Hummingway, was his debut.

He played both the roles of The Chosen One and Atreyu in Peter Benchley’s The Amazon. He was a supporting role in both Terrorized by Teens: The Jonathan Wamback Story, and The Other Me Disney films that focused on Jonathan Wamback.

He made guest appearances as an adult on Saving Hope, The Firm, and Unreal (Lifetime).

His credits as an actor include the WWII film Feature Recon, and the web series Letterkenny both on Crave.

Tyler Hynes Net Worth 2022 forbes

Our research at bargrow.com revealed that Tyler Hynes, the Canadian actor and filmmaker is worth an estimated $10 million as of the 2022 update.

How did Tyler Hynes earn his money?

Canadian comedian Tyler Hynes has many sources of income, which enabled him to increase his net worth to more than $10 million as of the 2022 update. His professional career as an actor and filmmaker, and his other businesses are the main sources of his income.

Biography of Tyler Hynes

Tyler Jeffrey Hynes, also known as Tyler Hynes, was born in Toronto, Ontario on 6 May 1986. At the age of 8, he was part of the Musical Stage Production “A Christmas Carol”. He then went on to the Cross Canada Tour with The Who’s rock opera Tommy, where he played the role of Tommy the 10-year-old.

Personal life

Tyler Jeffrey Hynes didn’t reveal much of his private life to the media. We will update this article after we finish our research. For the latest update, please check back.

Early life

Born in Toronto, Ontario. He grew up on a ranch of 24-hectares (59 acres) outside Ottawa, Ontario. After his parents placed him at Young Peoples Theatre’s summer camp, he began to act professionally when he was 8. Tyler is also a keen skateboarder and splits his time between school, skateboarding, and acting.

Some producers were concerned that he would spend his time on set skating, which was a common way he spent his time. He was able to keep his successful acting career alive, writing, directing and producing on film, television, and video.

Is he still here or is he dead?

Our research at bargrow.com revealed that he is still alive as we were writing this article.

Tyler Hynes Age and Height

Canadian actor and filmmaker, the famous Canadian actor, was born May 6, 1986. He is 177 cm tall. We are currently researching his weight. Keep checking back for an update.

Tyler Hynes’ Net Worth over the Last 5 Years

Net Worth in 2022 $10,000,000
2021 Net Worth $8,000,000
2020 Net Worth $7,000,000
In 2019, net worth $6,000,000
2018 Net Worth $5,000,000


  • Peter Benchley’s Amazon (1999) TV Series-24 EPISODES – Will Bauer
  • Soldier of Fortune (1999). – Billy Riddle
  • Secret Files Of Shelby Woo (1999). Gary Epps
  • Are you afraid of the dark? (1999) (TV) – Jimmy Miller
  • Tales from the Neverending Story]] 2001-2002 (24 Episodes) – Atreyu
  • Teens Terrorize (2002) Jonathon
  • Levity 2003 – Ripple
  • Tales from the Neverending Story (2003) 4TV Movies-as atreyu
  • Heartland (2010-2012) – Joe
  • Immortals (2011)
  • The Firm (2011-12) TV Series-Patrick Walker
  • NCIS TV Series (2011) Devin Lodge
  • Firefly (2012) actor, director
  • Rookie Blue (2013) TV Series Von
  • Transporter (2014) TV Series-Zac Preston
  • AFK (2015) Short Movie-Cyrus; writer, director
  • Len and Company (2015) Paul
  • The Girlfriend Experience (2016) (TV), Greg


  • He was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada, on May 6, 1986.
  • As of 2022, he is worth more than $10 million.
  • His professional career began at age 8 with a 72-performance run of “A Christmas Carol” on the Musical Stage. Then came the Cross Canada Tour in The Who’s rock opera Tommy where he played the role of Tommy, a 10-year-old boy.


Tyler Hynes, an actor, is best known for his roles on Canadian TV series like “Rogue” or “Heartland.” Hynes has also played roles in American TV shows like “NCIS: Los Angeles” or “Supernatural.” Hynes has shown his versatility and range through his many characters. He is hardworking and always seeking new challenges. Hynes is a down-to-earth man who is always willing and able to help others. His role model is great for young people.

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