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Name Stunna Girl
Net Worth $1 million
Gender Female
Date of birth July 2, 1998
Place of birth Sacramento, California
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Height 5′ 3″ tall (160 cm).
Weight 62kg (146 lbs)
Last Updated 2022

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Who’s Stunna Girl?

Stunna Girl, a 23-year old American social media personality and rapper hailing from Sacramento, California is Stunna Girl. Suzanne Sade is her real name and is well-known for her hits “Real Rap” (span>) and “On the Record “.

Stunna Girl Net Worth & Career

Stunna Girl started to take an interest in music as a child, but took it more seriously at the age of 19.

Her debut single “Real Rap” was released by Proxclusiv M. While her second single “Let it Drip” was released in the United States by TF Circle Entertainment.

She released “On the Record”, a brand new song, in 2018, and “Tap Out,” two months later. She is most famous for her songs “YKWTFGO”, which was released on February 22, 2019, and contains 17 songs. It has a playtime of 55 mins 19 seconds. “STUNNA THIS SUNNA THAT”, which was released on February 26, 2021, contains 17 tracks and runs for 55 minutes 19 minutes.

The second album contains 12 tracks, each lasting 31 minutes and 49 seconds. Stunna Girl became famous after the TikTok video “Runway”, which she sang, went viral. Runway currently has more than 34 million Spotify streams.

Stunna Girl Biography

Suzanne Sade is Stunna Girl’s real name. She was born in Sacramento, California on July 2, 1998. She is now 23 years old, and her birthday falls on July 2nd every year.

She is not yet willing to share any information about her parents with the public. However, her mother was sentenced to two years in prison when she was twelve years old. She does share photos from Instagram with her twin brother.

What is Stunna Girls Net Worth in 2022 according to Forbes?

According our research , we discovered that “Suzanne”, an American rapper, has an estimated net worth $1 million as of 2022.

How did Stunna girl make her money?

The famed American rapper “Stunna girl” has many sources of income, which allows him to rocket to more than $1 million by 2022.

Most of her income comes from her professional career as a rapper, show performance, brand promotion, brand ambassadorship and gifts from fans.

Stunna Girl Height and Weight

American rapper, American Female Rapper, is 5′ 3″ tall (160 cm), and weighs in at 62 kg (146 lbs). Although her hair is black, she can dye it any color she likes.

Is She alive or dead?

According our research , she is still living as of the 2022 update.

List Of All Stunna Girl Albums

  • YKWTFGO – 2019
  • STUNNA THIS STUNNA That – 2021

List Of All Stunna Girl Songs

  • Runway
  • Back in Day
  • Record
  • Rotation
  • Like I Said Tho
  • You’ll Neva
  • Bo$$ Shit
  • Clout
  • Let it Drip
  • That Part
  • 10 TIMES
  • RIDE
  • Next Level
  • Facetime
  • Doggy Style
  • Knock Everybody Down
  • Tap Out
  • I Dont Want
  • Intro
  • Pop You


  • She was conceived in Sacramento, California on July 2, 1998.
  • Her real name is ” Suzanne”
  • His net worth as of 2022 is estimated at $1 million.
  • He has more than 200K Instagram followers and 30K Twitter Followers.
  • Stunna Girls is a Epic Records Record label

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