There are also people who believe there is an elite European family that is the wealthiest family in history. The Rothschilds are a Jewish bank family that was founded in the 1700s and owned approximately 50 percent of the world’s wealth at one time. They are the Jagat Seth family but they operate on an international scale.

These are some of the amazing stories that have been told about this family over the past decades, and they sound fascinating once we dig deeper.

1. The Inventors of Economy & Capitalism

Economics students will be familiar with the basics of money creation as well as the role of banks. It is believed that this was started by the Rothschild Family. They were the first to put a portion of their bank deposits into foreign government projects in the colonies. They were able to earn substantial and heavy returns. This is the same model banks around the globe use today. This is how the banking system and the economy work in their most basic form.

2. International Banking: The Concept Invented

The Rothschilds were among the first to open banks in European colonies. Most of their banks were established in Africa & East Asia. Their intra-bank communication system was very sophisticated and robust. They were able to create the first truly international bank. They funded the colonization of Africa in 1800s. They controlled the United States’ largest bank at one time while they were still living in Europe.

3. They started the First World War to make money

One theory is that they created the conditions that led to World War I. Remember. They made a huge fortune by providing ammunition, weapons, and medical supplies to both Allies and Axis. Do you remember Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. His character is said to have been based on the Rothschild Family.

4. They funded both the Allies and The Axis Powers in World War II

Although they didn’t start World War II themselves, it is possible to argue that their actions prior to World War I led directly to Germany’s economic collapse and, subsequently, the beginning of World War II. It may seem absurd, but it is true that they made an even greater fortune in World War II funding both the Allied and Axis powers. Many claim that they funded the attack on Pearl Harbour by Japan, forcing the US into the War.

5. They hold about 30 percent of all major banks today

Today, the Rothschild family is largely underground. Only a few descendants of Rothschild are visible today, though this is in a reversed capacity. They are known as some of Europe’s richest people and owners of some of Europe’s largest investment brokerage firms.

However, reputed financial journalists claim that the whole family operates as a shadow organization today and holds a significant stake in nearly every international bank. They claim to own a 30% stake in almost all the major banks.

The richest family in the world is $500 trillion

The Rothschild Family is an excellent source of conspiracy theories. Even ignoring these theories, some Rothschild Family descendants are among the wealthiest people in Europe. Yet, little information is available about these individuals. The family is estimated to be worth $500 Trillion dollars.


According to Forbes, the Rothschild family’s net worth is $500 trillion. Share this post and leave a comment below.