Oga Abdul, a well-known Hausa singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist, is signed to the White House family.

Oga Abdul Early life

Oga Abdul’s real name is Abdullahi Mansoor. He was born on 12 June 2000. In jigawa state.

He attended primary and secondary school in jigawa, Nigeria.

After secondary school, Oga Abdul goes to Kano’s College of Technology.

Oga Abdul Career

The young, rising Hausa singer oga Abdul began his music career just a few years ago.

After releasing a video of him singing in a room, he realized he was wrong and got the attention of actor Adam Zango, a famous Kannywood singer.

Abdul has recorded many songs under his own name, and also collaborated on music with his label mates.

Oga Abdul Net Worth

Oga Abdul, a popular Hausa singer/songwriter hailing from the jigawa region, is Oga Abdul.

According to endorsement and music, he has a net worth $40,000