Noble was born July 13, and is a prominent Ghanaian singer, record producer, mix & mastering artist, and songwriter. His stage name is Nektunez.

Nektunez is a veteran of the Ghanaian music scene. His hit single, Ameno Amapiano, went viral.

Nektunez has achieved international fame through his collaboration with Nigerian rapper and hypeman, Goya Menor. Ameno Amapiano currently has millions of streams and is the most Shazamed song in the world.

Music star, he was able to collaborate with many young musicians in Ghana’s music industry.

The catchy hook lyrics to Ameno Amapiano Mix are the highlight of this song.

Shebi meka TamoaSay, my pikin no go join the cult
Bam bam!
You want to chill with the big boys
Na you dey run kiti kiti
You dey run keta keta
No fit drink water drop cup
Ah, hey!
Shebi, you can see how it goes
Ameno, ama nare imeravi ameno (I say to a man who blends you)
Dimere dimere mantiro (and whom?, who?)
Mantire mo, ameno
Oma nare imperavi emu nare, ameno
Oma nare imperavi emu nare
Ameno, ameno do re
Ameno dori me
Ameno dori me
Ameno do
Dori me reo (Okay)
Ameno dori me (Okay come on lets go)
Ameno dori me (Ah okay)

Early life

Nektunez, a child of Ghanaian parents, was born on the 13th July 1990. Because his parents believed that he would live a unique life and be a prominent personality in the future, they gave him the English name Noble.

He was raised in a Christian home and started attending the Catholic Church as a toddler. He was raised in a Christian home by his parents. His parents are also credited with instilling in him the principles and discipline of hard work, perseverance, and tenacity.

Nektunez began to show signs that he was meant to follow a different path than his peers. He was a passionate music lover and wanted to be a music producer.

He was exposed to Ghanaian Afrobeats, Highlife music, and other sounds while growing up. He was also exposed to Hip-hop and Afrobeats music by artists from Nigeria.

Nektunez: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name: Noble
Stage Name: Nektunez
Born: July 13 (age 20-30 years old)
Place of Birth: Kumasi, Ghana
Nationality: Ghanaian
Height: N/A
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Wife • Spouse: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Occupation: Record Producer • Musician
Net Worth: US$100,000-US$300,000


Nektunez was born into a middle-class family and had the privilege to attend some of Ghana’s top schools.

For his secondary and elementary school education, he attended top Kumasi private schools. He enrolled at the University Of Ghana after obtaining his West African School Certificate.

After four years of studies, Nektunez received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the university.


Nektunez decided in his first year at university that he wanted to get into music production. He aspired to be one of the most influential producers from Africa. He hired someone to teach him sound production basics and practiced in his apartment. He was able to produce beats for underground musicians in his university within a few months.

He also came up with the stage name Nektunez during this time. He also began to compose songs. He would create the beats and record the lyrics in an apartment studio.

After graduating from the University, Nektunez decided to pursue music full-time. He worked as a music producer, recording artist, sound engineer, mix and mastering/sound engineer. Nektunez was able to break into the music industry quickly, as many A-list artists reached out to him for collaborations.

He has produced beats for Evans Scott, Evans Scott and Camidoh so far. To produce Evans Scott‘s chart-topping EP God Creates and Man Makes, he teamed up.

Nektunez was a musician who made his biggest break in 2021, when he teamed up with rising Nigerian rapper, Goya. Because of their common music tastes, the duo recorded a remix to the party song Ameno Amapiano. The Ameno Amapiano remix became a viral hit and was even used in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

Nektunez has enjoyed immense success with the song, and many top names in Africa’s music industry are interested in working alongside him. He has had the opportunity to perform at many music events in Nigeria and Ghana because of the song’s popularity.

The Ameno Amapiano Remix is currently the most Shazamed song on the planet. It also made it to the top spot in Apple’s TOP 100 Nigerian Music.

Net Worth

Nektunezmakes a living as a music producer and recording artist in Ghana.

Nektunez‘s net worth is estimated to be worth between US$100,000-US$300,000.

Nektunez Pictures


  • Amapiano & Soul
  • Ameno Amapiano Mix (featured in Menor).
  • Believe
  • No Woman Can Cry
  • Firefly
  • Tonight in the Air
  • Slides
  • Birds
  • Soot
  • Peru (Remix)

Social Media

Nektunez is a sensational artist in the African music scene right now and has a huge following on social media. He currently has more than 26.6k Instagram followers.

Follow @nektunez on Instagram

Personal Life

Nektunez was born July 13, and is currently in his twenties. Because he kept his birth year secret, it is not known what year he was born.

He lives in Kumasi, Ghana where he makes music at a well-equipped studio. His spacious, well-furnished apartment is where the studio is located.

Nektunez divides his time between his family and his girlfriend when he’s not at work. He is not yet to reveal the identity his girlfriend, a young, enterprising woman who lives in Ghana.

Nektunezis making a lot of money as he produces beats for artists. He also gets royalties for his high-quality songs and is paid to perform at shows.