Me kleb, a Nigeria Sound Producer, is based in Lagos. He was raised in the jos middle belt of Nigeria.

Mr. kleb is one the Northern producers in Nigeria’s music industry. He has won the grammy award.

Date and place of birth 10 March
Country Nigeria
State Jos
Tribe Unknown
Occupation Producing Farmers
Status Single
Gender Male
Net Worth $50,000
Phone Number Nil

Mr. kleb Early in Life

CALEB BALASA, also known professionally as Mr. Kleb (unknown), was born in Jos and is based in lagos.

Mr. kleb went to primary school in Jos, Nigeria’s northern region. He also attended secondary school.

Mr Kleb Career

Mr Kleb was the in- house producer of General Pype, n has worked with many artist both home and abroad, notable are Tneya,burna boy, PHYNO, vector,kevin Luther,Tj2solo,Msmooth,dr smith, kingpally,Mr m,bizakeem,etc he recently produced “All the
“Loving” by General Pype x Phyno x Burna Boy

Mr. kleb Net Worth

According to an online source, Mr Kleb, a Northern Lagos-based producer, has a net worth in excess of $50,000.