Mariya Dangote does not look like Fatima Dangote, who is well-known and popular on social media and the internet.

Mariya Dangote, one of three daughters of Africa Alikthe O Dangote and The richest black man on the planet is Mariya. She is not well educated and works hard to make her own money. The report states that she does not rely on her family’s wealth.

Name Mariya dangote
Date of birth Unknown
Country Nigeria
State Kano state
Tribe Hausa
Occupation Business
Status unknown
Gender female
Net Worth $11 million
Phone Number Nil

Mariya Dangote Early life

Mariya Dangote was raised in Kano, Kano state, Nigeria. She went to primary and secondary school in Nigeria.

She received her master’s degree at Coveney University in the United Kingdom, where she also graduated.

Mariya Dangote Net Worth

Mariya Dangote is well-known as the daughter and manager of Aliko Dangote in Africa. According to online revenue estimators, she has a net worth $11 million