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Net Worth $8 Million
Full Name LaTisha Scott
Your Birth Date October 1, 1981
Birthplace Huntsville, Alabama, U. S.
Profession Real estate developer, Reality Star
Height 5′ 5″ or 165 cm
Weight 60 kg or 132 pounds
Last Updated 2022

Forbes calculates LaTisha Scott’s net worth in 2022 at approximately $2.5 billion

Our research at revealed that Reality Star “LaTisha Scott”, an American real estate developer, has an estimated net worth $8 million as of 2022.

Who is LaTisha?

LaTisha Scott is a well-known and highly successful American real estate developer, Reality Star. She is an American commercial real-estate developer and reality TV star. Infinity Properties is her real estate development company. After appearing on “Love & Marriage Huntsville”, she was in the spotlight. As of the 2022 update, her net worth is $8 million.

LaTisha Scott: How did she make her money?

American reality TV star and famous commercial real estate developer. Infinity Properties, which she is the CEO of, has multiple income streams that have allowed her to increase her net worth to more than $8 million by the 2022 update. Her professional career as a real estate developer and Reality Star, is where she makes most of her income.

Biography of LaTisha Scott

Marsau Scott’s wife, professionally known as LaTisha LaTisha, was born in Huntsville, Alabama on October 1, 1981. After appearing on “Love & Marriage Huntsville”, she was in the spotlight. As of the most recent update, she is worth more than $8 million.

Who is LaTisha Scott Husband Marsau Scott

Marsau Scott, one of the most accomplished commercial general contractors in America, is her husband. They met while they were both in college. They were married on September 2, 2006. Their three wonderful children, Marsau Jr., Maci, & Mila, are their blessings. The couple has been married for 15 years and they still enjoy happy moments together. Despite their differences in views, the couple has been able to emerge as one of the most powerful couples on the “Love & Marriage Huntsville span>” show.

LaTisha Scott Age, Height, Weight

Reality Star, American Real Estate Developer, “LaTisha” Scott was born September 2, 2006. She is 5′ 5″, 165cm tall, and weighs in at 60kg (or 132 lbs) as per the most recent update.

LaTisha Scott Net Worth over the Last 5 Years

Net Worth in 2022 $8 million
2021 Net Worth $7,000,000
Net Worth 2020 $6,000,000
In 2019, net worth $5,000,000
2018 Net Worth $4.5 million

How many children do Tisha, Marsau have?

The couple has three beautiful children: Marsau Jr (MJ), 12, Maci 7, and Mila 4, who is the boss of the family. Tisha was born in the United States on October 1, 1981. She is known for being a strong woman.

Is she still alive or dead? research shows that he is still alive at the 2022 update.


  • She was born in Huntsville, Alabama on October 1, 1981.
  • As of 2022, her net worth is $8 million.
  • Marsau Scott is her husband.
  • After appearing on “Love & Marriage Huntsville”, she was in the spotlight.
  • She is blessed with three children, Marsau Jr., Maci and Mila.


LaTisha Scott, an American author, philanthropist, and business owner, is LaTisha. Scott’s life and career revolve around helping others achieve their dreams. Ms. Scott is the owner of several businesses including a luxury home décor line and a non profit organization. This has allowed her to provide opportunities for growth and enrichment for many people. Her community service has made a difference in people’s lives and had a positive effect on society.

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