Larabeey Early Lives

Muhammad Saminu Muhammad, also known as larabeey, was born in Bauchi. He was raised in bauchi.

He was educated in Bauchi. He is a Nigerian rapper and record artist, as well as a video director.

Name Muhammad saminu muhammad
Date of birth unknown
Country Nigeria
State Bauchi state
Tribe Hausa
Occupation Rapper, Director
Status Single
Gender Male
Net Worth $60,000
Phone Number Nil

Larabey Career

Larabeey began his music career in 2013. However, he started listening to music at an early age. Ali Mabulu, a legendary singer and mamman shata was the inspiration for him.

Larabee had M I Ababa as his mentor. His first hit was “Nassau Salati”, but it was “was an Aljanu” that made him famous after he moved around the region.

Larabey Net Worth

According to an online revenue estimator, the net worth of parakeet, the famous behavior artist and video director, is around $60,000