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“Kim Kardashian” Kardashian is essentially associated with kash, and a lot of it. Sure, Kylie Jenner’s supposed billionaire status caused controversy in the past year, however her older brother Kim Kardashian solidified her real, legitimate billionaire status in 2021. In real life, of course. She is close to becoming a billionaire twice over.

As per her latest viral quip, this woman is able to “get your f**king a** up and get to work.”

Who is Kim Kardashian?

The reality TV show’s model, TV star and entrepreneur is involved in multiple businesses and projects appear on a regular basis. However, with all that money comes tax. In addition, Kim has paid over $1million to pay charges brought by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when she did not divulge a compensation she was paid for plugging cryptocurrency on Instagram. More details on this in a minute.

But, Instagram posts aren’t the only method by which Kim earns money. The many sources of income ensure that her net worth is growing rapidly. This is what you need to know regarding Kim’s wealth and how it compares with the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and the various aspects that go into it.

  • Kim Kardashian rose to fame with her family’s reality show,Keeping Up With the Kardashians .
  • Kim has grown into an business owner and spokesperson for many businesses.
  • Kim was the wealthiest in her family due to income from her business ventures However, she also was required to pay a huge penalty for the Securities and Exchange Commission this year.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2022 Forbes

Kim’s net worth at present has reached $1.8 billion, according to Forbes 2022. Important to note: Kim’s net worth was $1 billion in the year before and $900 million in prior to that, according to Forbes.

So…Kim earned some cash in a relatively short time. It’s likely Kim’s value will increase.

What was the factor that helped Kim achieve the title of “Richest Kardashian Jenner”? In terms of cashflow, she’s been, really good with her SKKN by Kim and SKIMS businesses. Of course she’s made a lot of money from reality television and endorsement agreements. The smaller investments also yield an impressive amount of cash, Forbes says.


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