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Khaid is the name of Sulaimon Shekoni Abiola who was born in 2005. He is the newest member to the Afrobeats music community.

He is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who specializes in AfroFusion. He is known for mixing Afro-Trap sounds.

Khaid Net Worth

Khaid is a Nigerian singer/songwriter. His Net Worth is between $10,000 and $15,000.

Real Name Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon
Stage Name Khaid
Date and Place of Birth 2004
Birthplace Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Country of Origin Lagos State
Profession Singer, songwriter
Record label Neville Records
Net Worth $15,000

Khaid Age

Khaid is a child of Nigerian parents. They were his parents when he was born in 2005. He was born in the South-West of the country and is from the South. He was born in Ojo in Nigeria in Lagos State.

He spent his formative years in Lagos City, Nigeria with his parents and siblings. He was the middle-class son of a Christian family. He was the seventh member of a family of 10.

Khaid Job

Since discovering his passion for music, Khaid has been pursuing a career as a musician. As a high school student, he spent his time writing original songs. His performances impressed his schoolmates. He entertained his classmates at lunchtime with freestyle rap songs.

When they were together, he would entertain them by singing cover songs or freestyle songs.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @khaidxr

Twitter: @khaidxr

Facebook: @khaidxr

Khaid Wikipedia

Khaid is a Nigerian musician who mixes Afrobeats and Trap sounds together.

Khaid began his musical career while still in highschool. He wrote original songs during his spare time.