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This article contains the complete information on kabir Ibrahim Masari’s net worth. Read this article to learn more about kabir Ibrahim Masari’s net worth 2022.

Who Is Kabir Ibrahim Masari

He is an extremely well-known public figure in Katsina State, Nigeria. He lives in the home of his parents. Kabir was the welfare director of the APC political party at the time that Edo State Governor, was the national party chairman.

Kabir Masari is from which State? He is from Katsina State, Nigeria the place to Hospitality in the country. located in the northern geopolitical region of Nigeria It was established in 1987, after it was split into Kaduna State.

Masari is from a village in the Katsina State’s Kafur Local Government Area.

Masari served as the APC’s National Welfare Secretary under Adams Oshiomhole’s guidance during his tenure as National Chairman. In the time of the the late president Umaru Musa Yardua, he was a part of the Peoples Democratic Party, the primary opposition party.

Following the death of Yar’adua, Masari changed his affiliation his support to Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). Following the CPC’s dissolution and was replaced by it’s own APC in 2014 and he was a part of the party that is now ruling.

Kabir Ibrahim Masari Net Worth

The net value of Kabir ibrahim Masari is $2 million dollars, which amounts to approximately 830 million Nigerians based on estimates.


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