It’s another great wealth opportunity here to earn more than 20,000 daily on Hype chat especially Nigerians as opera mini announces its inbuilt chat App into opera mini chat browser.

What is Hype Chat?

Hype is an African-based promoted chat service that was made available as a mobile browser. It offers its users a variety of stickers made by Nigerian indigenous artists. Okolo Chibuike, Mayowa Alabi.

Hype chat was created because young internet users see more social connectivity through the apps they use.

Opera Mini is now the first major browser to include a social component to keep users connected to those who matter most.

This unique and creative combination is unmatched by any other mobile browser on the Google Play Store.

How to Earn on Hype Platform (Minimum 20,000) Daily

To earn on Hype social messaging platform through the referral program.

  • Download the Opera Mini Application on your phone or update the One.
  • Click the link below and register on Hype Messaging. Enter your phone number verification and your username to complete your account setup.

  • Third, verify the number you used to register on the site.

How Opera Mini Hype Works

This program is only open to Hype users from Nigeria.


1 valid referral = N20050 referrals: N10000 plus N1000 bonus
100 referrals: N20000 plus N5000 bonus

You simply need to refer others to the opera mini browser app. Once they have downloaded it, register for hype using their preferred username and phone number.

After registering, gather their numbers and send them to the link below. Referring is free and unlimited.

To receive your payment, create an opay Account.

Click on Paddies to invite your friends to use your referral link. Tell them to forward your numbers to you.

Share your love with your family and friends.