Donald Ernest, better known as “Expatriate comedian (Don Bino),” is an online comedian, comedian, and musician from Edo State. After quitting comedy in 2010, he resumed it professionally in 2018.

Expatriate comedian was a child who loved to laugh and play. He knew he was on to something after receiving a lot positive feedback that he was funny, and made people laugh.

Don Bino has more than 150,000 Instagram followers and more than 20,000 Facebook fans. Because he creates funny content that people can relate too, this is a testament to his success. He is a confident and focused Albino who can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

Expatriate Comedian Quick Facts
Real Name: Donald Ernest
Age: Early 30s
Date of Birth: December 11th
Place of Birth: Edo State
Local Government Area: Etsako East LGA, Edo State
Net Worth: $10,000
Instagram Followers: Over 150,000 Followers

How the name “Expatriate” was created

Donald Ernest, a Punch interviewee, revealed that he chose to be called “Expatriate Comedian” as an expatriate is someone who lives in another country. He stated that he chose the name “Expatriate Comedian” because of how he looks as an albino.

I have achieved popularity and acceptance. I have gained popularity and acceptance.