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Name Drake
Other Name Aubrey Drake Graham
Birthday 24 October 1986 in Toronto, Canada
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Height 5ft 11 3/4 (182 cm)

Who is Drake?

Drake is among the most successful rappers in world. He is ranked as 8th on our list of the Top Ten most wealthy Rappers around the World with an astonishing wealth of over $180million!!

Although Drake is widely regarded to be one of the greats of rap, prior to when Drake made his breakthrough in music, he was starting his career as a character on the Canadian drama for teens “Degrassi,” in which he played basketball player Jimmy Brooks, a role that he was offered at the teenager age.

Despite his early success with acting and his rise to TV fame it was always music that has been the main focus of Drake’s life. It is evident in his resume of musical accomplishments and awards, which include all kinds of albums, ranging from 7 up to 47 Grammy nominations.

It’s not just acting and music that have contributed to Drake to earn a fortune. So, what is Drake worth today?

While Drake hasn’t yet written the wedding ceremony, he’s enjoyed a series of notable relationships. He has even revealed that he has a massive Hermes Birkin collection that has been accumulating for years and plans to present his bride with.

Drake Net Worth 2022 Forbes

Drake’s total net worth in 2022 according to Forbes is estimated at $180 million that includes the worldwide record sales and musical label agreements, and performances. Alongside his earning possibilities in the music business, Drake also has an impressive array of investment and business ventures, which include massive brand agreements with companies like of the sporting giant Nike and the property sector, too.

However, Drake isn’t a penny-pincher and while he has been in hot water in the media due to intimate flings as well as very public disputes, Drake is also known for his charitable works, such as the donation of $50,000 to an homeless shelter in Miami which he made while touring through the city in the year 2018.


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