Bukola Saraki Net Worth 2022

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Bukola Saraki: Who Are You?

Bukola Saraki, a Nigerian politician who was also the governor of the kwara states in the past, is one of the most well-known politicians in Nigeria.

Bukola Saraki, the former president of Nigeria’s Senate, is also among those politicians who have an extraordinary background. He is highly educated and has a tremendous talent for politics.

Bukola Saraki ran for the presidency in 2019. He was defeated by Atiku Abdullahi in the primaries. Bukola Saraki is from a political family. His father and sister are both politicians.

Bukola Saraki Net Worth 2022

Bukola Saraki’s net worth is approximately $11 Million. This is ( N5 Billion Naira). This makes him one of the most wealthy politicians in Nigeria. Bukola Saraki is a politician for more than 20 years.


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