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Name Big 30
Net Worth $12 Million
Gender Male
Date of birth December 28, 1999
Place of birth Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Nationality United States
Profession Rapper
Height 5′ 7″ or 170 cm
Weight 75 kg or 165 pounds
Last Updated 2022

Who is Big 30?

Rodney Lamont Wright Jr., also known professionally as “Big 30”, is one of America’s most successful and talented rappers. His feature on Pooh Shiesty’s 2021 single “Neighbors”, which reached number 51 on Billboard Hot 100, is his most well-known. In September 2021, Big30 released King of Killbranch his debut mixtape. The mixtape features appearances by Future, Pooh Shiesty and Moneybagg Yo. As of 2022, his net worth was estimated at $12 million.

Big 30 Net Worth & Career

Marcus “Head”, N-Less Entertainment CEO, noticed that 30 was still around a year later. He signed him to his label as a joint venture with Moneybagg Yo’s Bread Gang. Head enjoyed working with 30 and was impressed by his work ethic and excellent writing skills. Head states, “What struck me most is the relatability in what he’s done.” It gives you the feeling that you are right there with him .”

Big30 gained more material as he made new tracks with Shiesty. He had graphics for 2020 tracks, including the Pooh Shiesty-featured song “Allegations”, which has 49 million views and “Shots Out the Vette”, which has 21 million views respectively. This earned him millions of YouTube views.

His career was halted by legal problems in October 2020. Thirty-one people were arrested in Alabama for drug charges after they were discovered to have $17,000 cash, a Glock40, promethazine and codeine as well as marijuana that had been allegedly packaged for sale. Although he is still facing the charges, he has only had to complete community service.

Big30 continues to release his loosies to keep his momentum in rap. He began work on King of Killbranch last September. It is his debut album, and it is full of grim tales from the trenches as well as happy ones.

The album featured artists such as Future, Yo Gotti and Moneybagg Yo. However, 30’s direct lyrics ensured that he was not overwhelmed. KOK debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. He was made an Interscope Records artist through the collaboration between Bread Gang and N-Less a month later.

As he solidifies his position as the trap’s next great storyteller, 30, has made significant life changes. He quit smoking in cars and enlisted the assistance of a security guard. He says, “I can’t move like any normal person anymore.” He can also reach out to Future, Lil Baby and 50 Cent, who all have helped him along the way.

Their most important recommendation is that he keep his artistic output constant at 30. He plans to follow their advice when he releases his debut album, which is still untitled, in 2022. In the next few years, 30, wants to start his own record label and reach new heights within hip-hop. Wright and Leaton Foster, a driver from Decatur, Georgia were both arrested in Birmingham, Alabama in October 2020.

They were driving from Memphis to Atlanta with over $17,000 cash, a loaded gun, promethazine and codeine and packed cannabis. Wright was also charged with marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia, as well as being a felon of possession of a gun, among other federal offenses. Gucci Mane, a rapper called Wright out in June 2020 after he allegedly posted Wright several times on his Instagram account, even though they had only ever met once. Wright was silent. Wright remained silent.

Biography Of The Big 30

Rodney Lamont Wright Jr., also known as “Big 30”, was born in Memphis, Tennessee on December 28, 1999. His feature on Pooh Shiesty’s 2021 single, “Neighbors”, is his most well-known work. It peaked at number 51 in the Billboard Hot 100. In September 2021, Big30 released King of Killbranch his debut mixtape. He was praised for his debut mixtape, King of Killbranch, which features appearances by Future, Pooh Shiesty and Moneybagg Yo. As of the 2022 update, his net worth was estimated at $400 million.

Big 30 Net Worth 2022 Forbes

According our research , we discovered that the famed American rapper Rodney Lamont Wright Jr. has a net worth of $400,000.

How did Big 30 make his money?

The famed American rapper “Big 30” is able to make more than $400,000.

Most of his income comes from his professional career as a singer, rapper and songwriter: record sales, show performances, brand promotion, brand ambassadorship and gifts from fans.

Is he alive or dead?

Based on our research , he is still living as of the 2022 update.

List of All Big 30 Music

  • King Of Killbranch – 2021

List Of All Big 30 Songs

  • Allegations
  • Neighborhood Heroes
  • Free Shiest Life
  • Vette
  • Message 375
  • No Hospital Gang
  • Backseat in the Rolls Truck
  • Miss My Glock 26
  • Neighborhood Hero
  • GO!
  • Protest
  • Perc Talk
  • Opp Pacc
  • Choppa Talk
  • King Of My Projects
  • Too Official
  • Murda Day
  • Red Key
  • First Day Out
  • What Comes With It
  • Never
  • Stop Sign
  • Mista
  • Breaking News
  • Pressin’
  • I’m So Memphis
  • Fuck the Opps –
  • Dyin’ Expensive
  • Drop


  • He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on 28 December 1999.
  • His real name is “Rodney Lamont Wright Jr. “
  • After releasing King of Killbranch in September 2021, he was in the spotlight. It features appearances by Future, Pooh Shiesty and Moneybagg Yo among others.
  • His net worth as of 2022 is estimated at $400 million.
  • He has more than 600K Instagram followers and 150K Twitter Followers.
  • Big 30 was the creator of the iconic BIG30 label.

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