Badman Biladin, a well-known singer and songwriter from northern Nigeria, is a recording and performing artist.

Badman Biladin became famous after releasing “location”, which was popular enough on streaming platforms.

Badman Biladin Early life

Badman Biladin was born and raised in Adamawa, the state of Nigeria.

The talented singer badman was educated in Nigerian primary and secondary schools. He is a graduate of Abuja’s Nile University.

Badman Biladin Career

Badman Biladin, a Nigerian singer/songwriter, is well-known. He began his singing career at university.

Because of his position as Chief imam in his region, badman’s father didn’t want him to sing before fame.

Badman became famous after his song video “Location” went viral.

Badman Biladin features Lil Kesh, a well-known Nigerian rapper, and olamide.

Badman Biladin Net Worth

According to music and endorsement, the net worth of the famous Northern singer badman Biladin is $30,000