Abdu Rozik Biography

World’s smallest singer, Abdu Rozik is a Tajikistan singer who has brought so many fans and followers to himself. The singer made it to popularity after he released a Tajik Rap Song titled ‘Ohi Dili Zor’ in the year 26th October, 2019 (YouTube record). After the released of Abdu Rozik song ‘Ohi Dili Zor’, he became very popular all over the world.

Abdu Rozik Net worth

The singer, Abdu Rozik worth over $191,000 (one hundred ninety-one thousand dollars) (Estimations). Not an actual earnings of this singer, since his properties and financial source are not yet disclosed.

How Old Is Abdu Rozik (age)

According to Internet, Abdu Rozik was born 2nd September 2003 which means he’s 18 years today.

Who Is Abdu Rozik Parent

According to a source,  Abdu Rozik father and mother stays in Gishdarva under Panjakent district of Tajikistan, though their names are not yet disclosed, but they are known gardeners in Gishdarva.

Abdu Rozik’s upcoming MMA fight with ‘mini Khabib’

Recently, the singer made an open announcement that he will be having a fight with 18 years old fighter, General Vgorode, popularly known as Hasbulla Magomedev. The fight is organized by Chechen MMA fighter Asxab Tamaev.

Abdu Rozik Social Media Account & YouTube channel


At the moment, Abdu Rozik girlfriend have not being known yet, so it is believed this singer don’t have a girlfriend.

Abdu Rozik Songs & Album

  • Абдурозиқ – Оҳи дили зор
  • abdu rozik sings in a party
  • OHI DILI ZOR abdurozik
  • Abdu da Pisadinha – Abdu Rozik
  • КЛИП! Абдурозик – Ошиками